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Negligent Homicide: Attorneys

Negligent Homicide - Attorneys

Legal Definition:

Negligent Homicide is the commission or attempt to commit assault by one cohabitant against another.

Negligent Homicide

Utah Code §76-5-206


2nd degree felony.


Class A misdemeanor.


Class A misdemeanor: A fine not to exceed $2,500, plus a 90% surcharge.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-3-301(1)(c), Utah Code Ann. §51-9-401)


The court may order the accused to pay restitution if convicted of this crime.
(Utah Code Ann. §77-38a-301)


Class A misdemeanor: A term in jail not to exceed 1 year.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-3-204(1))

DNA Specimen Analysis

A defendant convicted of negligent homicide must provide a DNA specimen.
(Utah Code Ann. §53-10-403(2))


A defendant convicted of negligent homicide may not posses, use or have control of a firearm or ammunition for life.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-10-503, 18 U.S.C. §921-930)

Driver License

Defendant shall have their driver license revoked if the death of another person results from driving a motor vehicle.

Other Criminal Charges

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