Assault Related: Alteration of Firearm Serial Number

Alteration of a Firearm Serial Number: Attorneys

Alteration of a Firearm Serial Number

Legal Definition:

Automobile Homicide is the commission or attempt to commit assault by one cohabitant against another.

Alteration of a Firearm Serial Number

Utah Code §76-5-207.5


Class A misdemeanor.


A defendant commits a class A misdemeanor, alteration of number or mark on pistol or revolver, when they change, alter, remove, or obliterate the name of the maker, the model, manufacturer’s number, or other mark of identification, including any distinguishing number or mark assigned by Utah's Department of Public Safety, on any pistol or revolver, without first secured written permission from Utah's Department of Public Safety to make the change, alteration, or removal.


Class A misdemeanor: A fine not to exceed $2,500, plus a 90% surcharge.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-3-301(1)(c), Utah Code Ann. §51-9-401)


The court may order the accused to pay restitution if convicted of this crime.
(Utah Code Ann. §77-38a-301)


Class A misdemeanor: A term in jail not to exceed 1 year.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-3-204(1))

DNA Specimen Analysis

A defendant convicted of altering a firearm serial number must provide a DNA specimen.
(Utah Code Ann. §53-10-403(2))

Other Criminal Charges

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